Enhancing management services
Enhancing management services
Extreme weather climate events
Extreme weather climate events
Decision support
Decision support

About Us

beAWARE proposes an integrated solution to support forecasting, early warnings, transmission and routing of the emergency data, aggregated analysis of multimodal data and management the coordination between the first responders and the authorities. Our intention is to rely on platforms, theories and methodologies that are already used for disaster forecasting and management and add the elements that are necessary to make them working efficiently and in harm under the same objective.

The Project

The overall context for beAWARE lies in the domain of situational awareness and command and control (C2). Situational awareness means being able to accurately determine what has happened, what is happening now, and what will come next, all in order to plan and coordinate the most effective response possible with the resources available.
beAWARE will collect heterogeneous data from several resources such as environmental, social media, input from first responders and/or people in danger and will semantically integrate them in order to provide decision support services to the crisis management center.


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Latest news

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Review preparation meeting in Brussels
July 16, 2018
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