Just like after our first pilot, an online presentation to the public took place.

Benefiting from the experienced gained on 2nd Pilot which was based on a flood scenario that took place in Vicenza, Italy, we prepared two online presentations to present the 2nd version of the beAWARE Platform, one in Italian (20/9/2019) and one in English (8/10/2019). Those presentations were attended by many interested parties, which at the end, set questions asking for more information about the use of beAWARE platform solutions, the role of end users and the benefits while applying such innovations. beAWARE social media followers have been informed with relevant posts in English, Italian and Greek, early enough to be engaged. Online presentations were consisted by two parts; on the first the Lead partner, CERTH, presented the beAWARE Platform (CLICK here to see the presentation), while on the second part the Italian partner, AAWA, presented the Vicenza pilot, including a video (HERE you can see the video).

Attendees on both presentations, have been informed that a new round of online presentations, both in English and the hosting partner’s native language (Spanish), will be organised in order to present the Valencia forest fire pilot, that will take place during mid-November. Stay tuned!

In case you are interested for more beAWARE project videos, you can access them, HERE.