Last Tuesday 8th of October 2019, at 10.00 am CET, the 2nd online presentation for the beAWARE platform took place.

In this online presentation, the 2nd version of the Platform has been presented. This version was used for the #Flood Pilot that took place in Vicenza, Italy, simulating the events of the flood that has happened in 2010,. This presentation was attended be many interested parties, which at the end of it, set some questions asking for more information about the use of beAWARE platform solutions, the role of end users and the benefits applying such innovations.


  1. Greetings – presented by HRT
  2. Presentation of beAWARE (general & technologies) – presented by CERTH (CLICK here to see the presentation)
  3. Presentation of Vicenza pilot, including video – presented by AAWA (HERE you can see the aforementioned video).
  4. Open discussion, questions – answers etc.

Attendees have been informed that a new round of Online presentations both in English and partners native languages, will be organised in order to promote the Valencia pilot, that will take place during mid-November. Stay tuned!