Almost all European countries have performed climate change vulnerability and risk assessment plans in order to be ready to confront the consequences coming from climate change, according to a report from the European Environment Agency (EEA).

Performing the study upon 33 EEA member countries (including the 28 European Union Member States), the report examined the evaluation the risks from climate change, and how the European national policies have used this information in developing adaptation policies to address these risks.

The report outlines that “adaptation is key to ensure that the EU as a whole is better prepared to handle the impacts of heat waves, floods, droughts and storm”. The report also proposes that “continued engagement with key stakeholders in sectors vulnerable to climate change is essential for improving assessment results and their uptake in adaptation policies”.

beAWARE project is developing a platform and tools to assess these risks, assist the public authorities on the confrontation of the threats coming from climate-related hazards, and create the ground for the engagement of relevant stakeholder at a European level.