On the 20th of June, in Rome, it took place the conference ‘Days of Hydrology’, organized by the Italian Society of Hydrology. This conference is considered as one of the most important in Italy regarding the Hydrology and it involves the main experts in this branch, from researchers to public authorities and private professionals.

During the conference, one of the section was about new techniques to manage and reduce the risk from natural extreme events (in particular floods). Our distinctive partner AAWA had submitted an abstract for this session about beAWARE and the innovations carried by our project. The authors of this abstract were Michele Ferri, Daniele Norbiato, Giovanni Tomei, Francesca Lombardo, Francesco Zaffanella under the title ‘beAWARE: approccio innovativo per il supporto decisionale e la gestione integrata di eventi climatici estremi’, i.e. beAWARE innovative approach for decision support and integrate management of extreme weather events.

Additionally, our colleagues had the opportunity to make a short presentation and explain a poster about beAWARE giving a great occasion to increase the visibility of our project!

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