The first day of the pilot started with a presentation of the beAWARE platform and its functionalities. Present were all the consortium members as well as representatives from rescue organizations and civil protection authorities! A presentation of the beAWARE mobile app was undertaken and all participants installed it in their phone in order to see first hand the tools and mechanisms. Moreover, the Command Center and the capabilities its offers were shown to the participants, including training on the platform functionalities.

The second day of beAWARE pilot exercise started with a briefing of the players and their role. Next, participants were divided into teams which were later deployed in the city to simulate the emergencies coming from a heatwave. Additionally, a PSAP operating room was set for the evaluation of the platform and its testing on real case scenarios that will help the system to be better improved and be adjusted to the real necessities of a heatwave!

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the participants of our heatwave pilot for their crucial contribution on testing the beAWARE platform, and the KAPI for providing the spots that were used as relief places!