Unfortunately, the extremely high temperatures were the causing factor behind the fires that hit the Iberian Peninsula, resulting severe human loses. In Portugal, 64 people died in huge forest fires, while in Spain 1,500 people were forced to evacuate by forest blazes caused by the extreme weather conditions.

In June 2017, Portugal faced one of the most tragic forest fires in its history. The fire in Pedrógão Grande ravaged 30,000 hectares (74,000 acres) of forest, killed 64 people and injured more than 250. Many of those who died were killed in their cars as they were trying to flee the flames.

According to the Guardian, more than 1500 forest firefighters were battling to control the wildfires, and many European countries like Spain and France sent forces to assist the efforts. (https://goo.gl/zL5Agf)

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